100% Ibérico de Bellota Sliced Shoulder - Cinco Jotas

100% Ibérico de Bellota Sliced Shoulder - Cinco Jotas

Acorn-Fed, Free-Range Ibérico Shoulder (Paleta)

Item: JM-111

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  • Acorn-fed, free-range cured shoulder
  • Sliced by hand
  • Cured in Jabugo
  • 100% pure Ibérico breed
  • Size - 3 oz

Cinco Jotas is recognized as one of the finest ham companies in the world. Thin slices of this exquisite free-range, acorn-fed paleta literally melt in your mouth. Professional slicers from Jabugo cut each piece by hand using a special jamón knife for the most authentic sliced Ibérico de Bellota you can taste.

Place these thin slices on a warm plate and bring to room temperature before tasting. Serve with a great bottle of wine and savor each bite of this ultimate in Spanish cuisine! Each slice will have a deep maroon color and an complex flavor unrivaled in the ham world.

Paleta Ibérico de Bellota cured shoulders are beautifully marbled with beneficial fats that bring a rich intensity of flavor. Paletas are the front legs of the Ibérico pig, and are smaller than the typical jamón (back leg). Many people prefer paleta because it can have a richer flavor than the larger hams.

Ibérico pigs only come from Spain. Cinco Jotas has its own herd of 100% purebred Ibérico pigs. They live a life outdoors, wandering the oak-tree studded 'dehesa' of western Spain. They live in family groups and feasting on sweet 'bellotas,' or acorns. During the last few months of the year they eat over 20 pounds of acorns a day. The acorns are packed with antioxidants, and help create a rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

An excellent diet, and all that exercise, means that the meat is marbled with beneficial acorn flavored fats. During the curing process, this fat is transformed into a monounsaturated oil, much like extra virgin olive oil.