Ibérico and Ibérico de Bellota Sliced Jamón Duo

Ibérico and Ibérico de Bellota Sliced Jamón Duo

Compare Both Types of Ibérico Ham!

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  • Ibérico ham and acorn-fed Ibérico de Bellota ham
  • Try the finest hams in the world!
  • Great side-by-side comparison
  • Nitrate free, all natural
  • Separate packages
  • Size - 2 oz + 2 oz

With this pairing, you have the opportunity to taste and compare two of the world's finest hams. Both dry cured for more than two years in the mountain air, Jamón Ibérico and the prized Ibérico de Bellota represent the very best of what Spain has to offer.

Both hams begin with Cerdo Ibérico, heritage breed black pigs directly descended from mountain boars native to Spain. To craft Jamón Ibérico, these special animals are fed premium grain and yielding a perfectly balanced ham with dense marbling. After being cured for up to four years using traditional means, this gourmet-standard dark red ham is served in fine restaurants and homes throughout the country, with only a small percentage available for export.

Ibérico de Bellota is the absolute best of the best. Comparable to the standard of the world's finest caviar and Kobe beef, 'bellota' grade hams come from the finest pigs selected among the Cerdo Ibérico stock. The pigs are free to roam the 'dehesa' forests, where they consume a natural diet of wild acorns (bellotas, in Spanish), which impart a distinctive nutty flavor into the meat. As a result of this unique diet, the ham is also rich in mono-unsaturated fat, similar to the 'good fat' found in olive oil. The flavor of thinly sliced Ibérico de Bellota is complex and rewarding, standing up to the best foods and wines of the world.

Both types of Ibérico ham are carefully cured for two to four years in the mountains of Spain.

All natural, nitrate free.