Ibérico Sliced Ham and Chorizo Duo

Ibérico Sliced Ham and Chorizo Duo

Spanish Ibérico Meats

Item: JM-192

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  • Sliced chorizo sausage and jamón
  • Easy to serve thin slices
  • Spain's iconic Ibérico pork
  • Great for charcuterie boards
  • All natural, imported from Spain
  • Size - 2 oz Ibérico ham + 3.5 oz Ibérico chorizo

Taste and compare two of Spain's famous Ibérico meats any time. Made from premium Ibérico pork, these easy-to-serve slices are perfect for a last minute charcuterie spread, bocadillo sandwich or to add to your favorite recipe.

Jamón Ibérico is Spain's premium ham, made from beautifully marbled Ibérico breed pork. Aged for two years in the mountains, Peregrino pasture raised Ibérico ham has a rich flavor and mild saltiness. 

Palacios Ibérico chorizo is seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika, with no artificial preservatives. These thin slices have a rich smoky flavor you will love.