Ibérico Sliced Jamón - Peregrino

Ibérico Sliced Jamón - Peregrino

Nitrate Free Ibérico Ham by Peregrino - 3 oz

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All Natural




  • Authentic Ibérico Ham
  • Thinly sliced from whole Hams
  • Nitrate free, all-natural
  • Cured in the mountains of Spain for 36 months
  • Size - 2 oz/56 gr

Our all-natural Ibérico ham is thinly sliced and ready to serve. We like to present slices of this exquisite ham on a warm platter to bring out its complex flavors. Because we import the ham from Spain and slice it here, you will enjoy the freshest, most flavorful Ibérico ham available.

It takes years to create a great Ibérico ham. It begins with the heritage breed black pigs, found only in Spain. When the ham is cured, the fat melts away, producing a ham with a beautiful maroon color and a taste that is distinctively intense and sweet, with much less salt than a Serrano ham.

Because the stock used to produce this particular jamón has been raised on grain, rather than the free-range acorn diet of ultimate quality 'bellota' hams, the flavor profile of this Ibérico ham is slightly less nutty, while still offering a gourmet level experience.

One of the best ways to serve Ibérico ham is with crusty bread on a warmed plate, accompanied by a chilled Manzanilla or Fino sherry. If you prefer a red wine, go bold – you’ll want a wine that can stand up to and complement the ham’s intensity.

This ham is nitrate and nitrite free, cured in the mountains of Spain and sliced fresh here at in the US.