Serrano Bone-In Jamón - Costa Brava - FREE SHIPPING!

Serrano Bone-In Jamón - Costa Brava - FREE SHIPPING!

All Natural Grand Reserva Jamón

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All Natural




  • Grand Reserva, aged 15-18 months
  • Serve the freshest sliced Serrano ham
  • All natural and nitrate-free
  • Great for family gathering and celebrations
  • Certified humanely raised by Bienestar Animal Welfare
  • Holder not included
  • See Video tab for slicing instructions
  • Size - About 17-18 lbs

Cutting fresh slices of Serrano ham from a whole bone in ham is an amazing experience. Serve platters of this tender and flavorful jamón for an easy tapa or add to salads, sandwiches and your favorite recipes.

In Spain you will see whole Serrano hams poised in holders. They are ready to be cut into thin slices at a moment's notice, and paired with good wine and crusty bread.

Costa Brava is a family company that ages their Serrano hams in the beautiful mountains surrounding the city of Girona. Made from heritage Duroc pork, this jamón is beautifully marbled. Each ham is aged for over a year and a half until 30% of the fat melts away and it achieves a deliciously balanced flavor and firm yet tender texture.  

Mount your Jamón Serrano securely in a holder and make it the centerpiece of your next gathering, as you carve thin slices for family and friends. 

You can store a bone-in jamón for a couple of weeks in its holder at room temperature, cutting delicious slices every day to add to sandwiches, scrambled eggs, soups or your favorite recipe.

Each jamón will come with slicing and storage instructions. It is important to mount the ham in a sturdy ham holder in order to carve safely and properly. Store your ham in a cool, dry place.

USDA inspected. No cooking required.

For storage and slicing instructions for whole hams, see this page.

NOTE: Hoof has been removed to conform to USDA standards.

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