Serrano Bone-In Jamón - Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

Serrano Bone-In Jamón - Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

Spanish Serrano Ham 'Reserva' - 16 to 18 lbs

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All Natural




  • Traditional Serrano Spanish ham
  • Cured for 18-20 months
  • Bone-in jamón
  • Approved by the USDA
  • Holder not included
  • See Video tab for slicing instructions
  • Size - 16-18 lbs

Step into any bar or restaurant in Spain, and you are bound to find a traditional Serrano ham ready to be sliced and served.

For more than eighteen months, Redondo Jamón Serrano is dry-cured in crisp mountain air, where in a unique natural process, each ham loses up to 40% of its weight in fat, ensuring that a broad palette of complex flavors develops within the ham.

Redondo Iglesias ham, the first brand to gain approval for export to the U.S., delivers a consistently high quality and rich flavor. As with all authentic serrano hams, it is best served thinly-sliced, carved directly from the whole bone-in ham.

For an authentic extra touch, it is almost always presented on a traditional jamonera holder, making this ham a spectacular table centerpiece where it can be carved fresh each time you want another slice. The ham itself can stay fresh for weeks in this manner by following the included guide for storage, carving and care.

The most popular ham in Spain, Jamón Serrano is second only to the prized Jamón Ibérico for quality and flavor.

For storage and slicing instructions for whole hams, see this page

NOTE: Hoof has been removed to conform to USDA standards.

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