Serrano Boneless Jamón Center Piece - Peregrino

Serrano Boneless Jamón Center Piece - Peregrino

A Versatile Cut for Smaller Families or Light Needs

Item: JM-17

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  • Serrano ham center piece
  • Cured for 18 months
  • Ready to slice
  • USDA approved
  • Size - 2 lbs/900 gr

Centuries ago, the artisans of Spain developed their unique methods of curing artisanal ham, creating a dry-cured ham that has become a mainstay of Spanish cuisine. This generous cut of Jamón Serrano allows you to enjoy that tradition – two pounds of the finest Serrano ham available in America today.

The center piece cut is a delicious and economical choice. Slice thinly and serve to guests, or dice and use it to enhance your favorite soup or tapas. Enjoy with a chilled wine or sherry such as Fino, and you have a satisfying meal straight from a Spanish café.

This Serrano ham was cured for over 18 months in the countryside of Spain, developing the full intense flavor that is a signature of this delicious meat.

You probably won’t have any leftover pieces, but if you should, don’t worry about storing it. Dry cured Serrano hams are protected by a natural layer of fat, so a plastic wrapped piece will stay fresh for some time when refrigerated or frozen. Simply cut away the outer surface and you are ready to slice.

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