Serrano Boneless Jamón - Fermín - FREE SHIPPING!

Serrano Boneless Jamón - Fermín - FREE SHIPPING!

Authentic Serrano Ham - 9.5 to 11 lbs

Item: JM-33

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  • Dry cured in the mountains of La Alberca
  • Approved by the USDA
  • From 100% Spanish stock
  • Size - 9.5-11 lbs

This fine Jamón Serrano, literally “mountain ham,” comes from animals exclusively raised in Spain, unlike any other Serrano producer. The hams are dry-cured using authentic, time-tested methods in the mountain air of La Alberca near Salamanca.

While most hams currently available are aged in controlled, sealed warehouses designed to imitate natural conditions, this Jamón Serrano is cured by Jamones Y Embutidos Fermín in open drying rooms with screened windows, high in the Spanish mountains. Over the months, the changing temperatures of the seasons work with the carefully applied sea salts to cure the hams and create the rich tapestry of flavor and texture that is real serrano ham by Fermín.

This large portion (9.5-11 pounds) is perfect for any occasion, and because it's boneless, it's especially well suited for a meat slicer, or to be divided into chunks and shared with family and friends. Jamón Serrano is the most popular ham across Spain, and with its mild saltiness and complex flavor it is easy to see why.

For storage and slicing instructions for whole hams, see this page.

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