Serrano Boneless Jamón - Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

Serrano Boneless Jamón - Redondo Iglesias - FREE SHIPPING!

Authentic Serrano Ham (12 to 14 lbs)

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  • A true Spanish Serrano ham
  • 12-14 lbs boneless
  • Dry-cured in the Utiel Mountains
  • Approved by USDA
  • Size - 12-14 lbs/5-6 kilo

Redondo Iglesias Serrano ham comes from the Utiel Mountains in Valencia, where the Redondo brothers continue a tradition that has lasted for three generations. Curing knowledge passed down from father to son culminate in a great ham cured to perfection.

A boneless Jamón Serrano is a great choice for smaller households, and those with uncertain slicing skills. Though it may not have quite the romance and tradition of carving a traditional bone-in jamón, boneless ham is easy to slice, especially if you use an electric slicer. This boneless Jamón Serrano can also be frozen, so you can divide the ham into pieces and slice what you need.

Every Redondo Iglesias Jamón Serrano is dry-cured for over a year in the mountains of Valencia, creating a ham with a distinctive taste, full of great Serrano flavor. Each ham is carefully de-boned in Spain by specially trained ham carvers. Their expert skills leave you with the all the flavor of a great cured Serrano ham in a much easier to carve format.

For storage and slicing instructions for whole hams, see this page.

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