Serrano, Ibérico and Ibérico de Bellota Sliced Jamón Tasting Trio

Serrano, Ibérico and Ibérico de Bellota Sliced Jamón Tasting Trio

Compare All Three of Spain's Great Hams!

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  • 3 oz Ibérico de Bellota, 3 oz Ibérico & 6 oz Serrano
  • Thinly sliced in separate packages
  • Sample the best of Spain!
  • Ready to serve
  • Size - 4 oz Serrano + Two 2 oz Ibéricos

Long known only to those who had traveled there, Spain is becoming recognized worldwide for its three styles of dry cured hams, produced using time-honored traditions and techniques. This convenient trio offers you the chance to discover the delicious differences of each of these distinct styles of authentic jamón.

Jamón Serrano, rolled in sea salt and hung to cure is the most popular type of ham – widely consumed jamón across Spain and found at ever restaurant and bar. Taste it on its own or paired with a flavorful cheese like Manchego for an appetizer. Our Jamón Serrano is cured for over a year, and is among the best Serrano hams available in the U.S.

Jamón Ibérico, from heritage breed black pigs native to the Spanish countryside, is cured for several years in mountain air that allow the natural temperature changes to work with the salt. The result is a rich, dark meat with a complex flavor. Bring to room temperature with a fine wine such as a Toro and savor the experience.

The last member of the threesome is the pièce de résistance, Ibérico de Bellota. This phenomenal ham comes from the same prized breed of black pigs as regular Ibérico ham with an important difference. The pigs are free to roam the 'dehesa' forests of Western Spain, feeding on a diet of natural acorns that imparts the ham with an incredibly unique, nutty flavor rich in healthy fat similar to that found in good olive oil.

Each week we slice our Serrano and Ibérico hams to ensure the thinnest, most delectable slices.