Serrano Sliced Jamón - Peregrino

Serrano Sliced Jamón - Peregrino

Cured Jamón from Spain

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All Natural




  • Serrano ham cured in Spain
  • All natural, nitrate free
  • Dry aged 12 to 18 months
  • Thinly sliced and ready to serve
  • Approved by USDA
  • Size - 4 oz/113 gr

Jamón Serrano is Spain’s classic cured ham. We import all natural Serrano hams and slice them fresh at our facilities. These thin slices are perfect for tapas or as an instant appetizer, especially when paired with a gourmet Manchego cheese and a glass of fine Spanish wine.

Serrano ham is enjoyed across Spain in virtually every home, bar and restaurant. We love to serve on a baguette to make a Bocadillo sandwich. You can add slices to sautéed vegetables or salads, or serve jamón wrapped melon.

Our sliced Serrano ham is all natural, with no nitrates or nitrates added.

Serrano ham is Spain’s favorite ham, made from regular farm-raised pork. It is more common than the super gourmet hams made from the indigenous black Ibérico pigs. It has a milder flavor and is more accessible for every day enjoyment.