Solid Hardwood Deluxe Ham Holder - Salamanca

Solid Hardwood Deluxe Ham Holder - Salamanca

The Finest Jamonero in Spain

Item: JH-02



  • Dense Sapele hardwood
  • Stainless steel accents
  • Spain's best holder
  • Perfect design for bone-in jamones
  • Acorn shaped fastener

The 'Salamanca' jamonero features a sturdy ring made from heavy-gauge stainless steel that is used to clamp the hoof. The base is built from over solid African Sapele hardwood over an inch thick and has the distinguishable shape of a ham leg. Even on a first glance, it’s clear why 'Salamanca' jamanero is a hand-crafted masterpiece against which other jamoneros could be judged.

Don Paulino Panatalon with his son Marcos, wife Isabel Gomez Alonso and daughter Elisa have built a family business of designing and creating presentation quality jamoneros for decades. Their artistry is remarkable, and it is easy to see why the finest restaurants in Spain insist on presenting hams in their holders. They are equally renowned for providing superior usability for the jamón carver, consistently using the finest materials, and adding the luxury of distinctive and elegant design in all of their products.

With small touches such as the decorative hand-carved acorn of the fastener, the ‘Salamanca' jamonero is a masterpiece in its own right, perfectly suited for carving the great hams of Spain.