Supreme Hardwood Ham Holder with Swivel Grip - Ibérico

Supreme Hardwood Ham Holder with Swivel Grip - Ibérico

Extraordinary Jamonero by Renowned Spanish Craftsmen

Item: JH-03



  • Stainless steel and hardwood construction
  • Spain's finest ham holder
  • Durable and attractive build
  • Ideal for bone-in jamones
  • Dense Sapele wood from Africa

The ‘Ibérico’ jamonero could rightly be considered the world’s finest jamón holder. The base and arm are made from Sapele hardwood which is denser and harder than African mahogany. At over one and a half inches thick, the base solidly anchors your whole ham for slicing, and the stainless steel gyro-clamp secures your ham while also enabling you to turn your ham effortlessly to access the other side.

The hand-carved acorn on the gyro-fastener clamp is an elegant touch and is a testament to the overall dedication to craftsmanship of the Pantaleon family. Don Paulino Pantaleon is a celebrated master jamón carver, and his personal signature is always included on each of his creations. He and his family have been making these remarkable jamoneros for years, and have a true passion for beauty and durability that shines in every piece they produce.

Built from hardwood and stainless steel, the solid construction affords the ‘Ibérico’ holder with a flawless presentation and durability. The finishing touch is an functional silicone cutting board integrated directly into the base.