Iberico Bone-In Ham - Texas Iberico®

Iberico Bone-In Ham - Texas Iberico®

Pasture-Raised in Texas

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  • Fed on acorns, mesquite beans and prickly pear
  • Pure Iberico breed
  • Pasture raised in Texas
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Size - Approximately 12-14 lbs

This artisan Texas Iberico® ham blends the traditions of Spanish Iberico and the wide-open country of west Texas. The result is a silky-smooth ham with meltingly rich flavor.

This whole Texas Iberico ham is the perfect centerpiece for your next party or family gathering. Cut thin slices and serve on a warm plate to bring out the full flavor and texture of this Texas jamón. Pour a glass of Rioja or maybe a chilled ranch water cocktail to enjoy it with.

Texas Iberico® pigs forage for acorns, herbs, sweet mesquite beans and prickly pear on the Trails End Ranch run by Ashly Martin, a third-generation rancher in Comfort, Texas. This special Texan diet adds a complex flavor to the pork, perfect for excellent cured ham.

The wild diet rich in acorns, mesquite beans and prickly pear adds a uniquely Texan flavor to Iberico pork as it ages over a year. 

Texas Iberico® pigs spend their whole lives outside and are never given antibiotics. They are certified Animal Welfare Approved by the AGW organization, designated by Consumer Reports as the only “highly meaningful” animal welfare designation. 

A few years ago a herd of purebred Ibérico pigs was flown from Spain to America. The Texas Iberico® herd lives on the 1500-acre Trail's End Ranch in Texas, a similar landscape to the 'dehesa' forest of western Spain. The Ibérico pigs devour the acorns, as well as sweet mesquite beans and prickly pear fruit. Each of these fruits are full of nutrition and antioxidants that add a uniquely Texan flavor to the pork.

For storage and slicing instructions for whole hams, see this page.

NOTE: Hoof has been removed to conform to USDA standards.

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