Ibérico de Campo Boneless Jamón - Montaraz - FREE SHIPPING!

Ibérico de Campo Boneless Jamón - Montaraz - FREE SHIPPING!

Pasture Raised Ibérico Ham from Extremadura

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All Natural




  • Pasture raised Ibérico ham
  • Grain fed with some acorns
  • Aged for 3 years
  • All natural - no nitrates
  • Since 1890
  • Size - Approximately 8-10 lbs

This beautifully aged boneless jamón by Montaraz comes from Ibérico pigs, pasture raised in western Spain. Each ham is hung to cure for over three years in the famed jamón region of Extremadura. This boneless jamón is easy to slice or cut into portions to share with friends. It comes in two individually packaged pieces and can be sliced by hand or in a mechanical slicer.

Montaraz Ibérico ham has a complex flavor and beautiful marbling. Serve thinly sliced at room temperature to enjoy the complex flavors of this jamón. Pair a plate of slices with a glass of your favorite wine and a bowl of marcona almonds.

Montaraz Ibérico ham stands out because of two factors. Firstly, this is a ‘Jamón Ibérico de Campo,’ meaning the pigs live outdoors on the oak tree studded ‘dehesa’ feeding on grass and grains, as well as a few acorns. Secondly, no nitrates or preservatives are used in the curing process – simply sea salt and time.

This boneless Ibérico ham can be presented in a boneless ham holder for carving or may be sliced on an electric slicer. It can also be cut into portions and shared with other jamón enthusiasts.

Montaraz is a member of the DOP Extremadura. This protected denomination of origin oversees the quality of hams of the region, from the raw materials to the way the Ibérico hams are salted and cured. Each step is monitored by an independent regulatory board to ensure the finest quality.

For over 125 years Montaraz has aged Ibérico hams in the mountains of Spain. The company has been run by the same family for four generations.

There is only one more premium level of cured ham than this one in Spain. It is called Jamón Ibérico de Bellota which is made from Ibérico pigs that eat large quantities of acorns during the montanera, or acorn season. Montaraz also offers this very finest of hams under their Montaraz UNICO label.

Carefully wrap this boneless ham in plastic and store in the refrigerator between uses.

For storage and slicing instructions for whole hams, see this page.

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