Jamón Carving Knife Set with Carrying Case

Jamón Carving Knife Set with Carrying Case

Stainless Steel Knives in Canvas Case

Item: CY-24



  • Knife set for carving Spanish cured ham
  • Long flexible knife for slicing jamón
  • Large knife for trimming fat and skin
  • Small knife for cutting around bones
  • Sharpening steel and durable carrying case

A whole Spanish jamón is a culinary treasure. It is important to have the right tools to slice and carve every part of your ham. Trimming and slicing it will require different types of knives, and this top quality stainless steel set will allow you to carve like a professional.

This knife set will help you carve any whole cured ham from Spain, whether it is a traditional Serrano ham or the finest Jamón Ibérico de Bellota.

At first you will use a large sturdy knife for cutting away the outer skin and fat to expose the ham underneath. Then you will need a long, flexible knife for cutting thin slices. The short, agile knife is for cutting around bones and difficult to reach areas. We also include a sharpening steel with a diamond hard surface which will keep the knives razor sharp. The whole set is packed in a durable black canvas carrying case for storage and portability.

Martinez & Gascón forges their stainless steel knives in Albacete, the city famous across Spain for its excellent knives. Each knife has a full tang of steel reaching the bottom of the handle for extra durability and balance.

Martinez y Gascón uses molybdenum and vanadium forged stainless steel, making for a long lasting edge and exceptional durability. Martinez y Gascón, a family knife maker founded in 1945, is run by Julia Martinez, the third generation of her family to run the company. The company mainly supplies professional chefs and butchers with durable, sharp knives that can be used every day in the most demanding conditions.