Serrano Sliced Ham and Chorizo Duo - Peregrino

Serrano Sliced Ham and Chorizo Duo - Peregrino

Taste Spain's Favorite Meats

Item: JM-195

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  • Sliced chorizo sausage and Jamón Serrano
  • Thinly sliced, easy to serve
  • Two of Spain's favorite meats
  • For charcuterie boards and tapas
  • Serve at room temperature
  • Size - 4 oz Serrano ham + 3.5 oz chorizo

Taste two of Spain's most popular meats with packs of sliced Jamón Serrano and chorizo sausage. These all-natural meats are thinly sliced at La Tienda. They are so easy to serve on charcuterie boards, easy tapas or your favorite recipe.

Serrano is Spain's most favorite ham. We slice a reserva quality jamón, aged for over 15 months in the mountains of Spain for a complex flavor and mild saltiness. This ham is aged with sea salt, with no added nitrates. 

Chorizo is Spain's signature sausage. Seasoned with garlic and Pimentón de la Vera smoked paprika, our chorizo is hung to dry for over a month in the La Rioja region. It has a firm bite and a rich, smoky flavor.